Hey Dennis,

I can certainly understand your motivation here. We have a similar situation
here, although I sometimes like being able to start more than one instance
of 99SE as it allows me to reference one design on one monitor, and another
on the other monitor. 

Forgive me if you were already aware of this, but instead of double-clicking
the .ddb file, you can drag and drop it right into whichever instance of
Protel you're working out of. Works great so long as you can override your
instinct to "double click."

Darcy Davis
Design Engineer,
Dynastream Innovations, Inc.

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i couldn't find the thread you mentioned either

i wrote protel support about this
we will see if they answer, so far not yet

what is driving this in part is that we have a zillion projects
all over the place in fairly complex directory structures

we often open mnay DDBs for either design reference or to swipe
details or parts

if you use protel to drill around to open files, then aside
from a lot of worthless time spent, it leaves protel
pointing to the wrong folder for the next operation

we have a couple of good file managers that will pop us to the
right spot with minimal fuss 
so the working method here is to locate the file then apply it to
the app, works great for autocad and PDFs and most other progs

Dennis Saputelli

> Steve,
> I think you may have misunderstood me. IFF my memory serves me
> correctly, the discussion was about disabling only the second execution,
> not dis-associating the .ddb extension from Protel or otherwise
> compromising the natural windows double-click execution of a program
> based on association(s).
> Though admittedly, is there isn't another method, then what you're
> suggesting is probably the only thing that Dennis can do to stop the
> second (or third...) instance from occurring when a .ddb file is
> double-clicked...
> aj
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> 23/07/2004 16:51:09, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >I think I remember someone once-upon-a-time (Like Ian
> maybe?) saying
> >that multiple instances was a defeatable within p99, either thru
> the ini
> >files or perhaps a registry setting..
> It's easy enough to just  stop .ddb , .sch, .prj, .pcb and whatever else
> you're likely to double click on being associated with Protel.
> Fire up regedt32 (from task manager, if you can't find it elsewhere),
> then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Classes, and delete (click on,
> then hit 'DEL') .ddb and all the others you fancy killing off. That'll
> stop them launching Protel when you double-click, but Protel will still
> be entirely happy to open them. job done, without all this messing about
> with application launcher, counting copies, and the like. The icons may
> no longer be as pretty in file manager. Tough.
> Steve

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