Not a chance. I am using 99SE and have done simple, circuit wise, boards in the past but I didn't trust it to do partial routing. There is also lots of analog present. I made a probe card last year for a 452, or so, pin BGA with 3mil/3mil track/spacing and used the autorouter. It was a 5 sided board with a 96 pin connector at each side, therefore it had an odd shape. The autorouter did pretty well. I had to reroute about 40 tracks and there were a ton of vias. I decided to take the time with my current board since I will have to make changes later and an autorouted board makes that difficult unless one reroutes the board.


Tom Robinson wrote:

Hi Tom:

Did you autoroute this board?

tr :)

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This is just an aside and not an explanation to your problem. I laid out a board with 3 BGAs are 0.75 mm and one 256 pin BGA at 1 mm spacing. Using .004" tracks with .004" spacing I was able to route the whole board on two signal layers with two power layers and no special vias, meaning all were through hole, .018" pad .010" hole. It did take some time and careful planing but at a huge PCB cost savings. Any time you go over 4 layers and start using fancy vias the cost accelerates geometrically. I your case that may not be an issue but in mine I had no choice. Don't forget to use gold flash for the BGAs (for the whole board is easier) to reduce manufacturing problems with soldering BGAs.


Ralph Effinger wrote:

I am haveing trouble laying put an 8 layer board. I have a schematic,
board with chips, resistor,caps and one 256 bga. The bga has a 1mm
pitch. I have setup the layer stack mang. and the desing rules the best
I know how,{this is my first bga}. I layed out the board using blind or
buried vias. I am using protell 99se. after auto routing the board, the
vias all go from the top layer to the bottom not useing any blind or
buried vias. I,ve looked at the tutorials and book, and can find nothing to help me. thank you!

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