Hi all:

On video cards:

I have run multiple head video at home for a long time, but that has
been under linux. I now have a dual head card here at work, with a 19"
LCD as the primary display, and my old 19" CRT as the secondary. We
bought an nVidia-based video card especially for this: as we were buying
a new computer anyway the expense wasn't that great. I didn't buy the
card, so I don't know how much it cost.

When it comes to CRT's, nothing beats driving them with Matrox cards. I
used to use a GF4 at home, now I have "downgraded" to a matrox G450 -
there is a noticeable difference in clarity. The Matrox won't do the 3D
that the nvidia could, but it's sharper - better IMO for Protel (except
I don't run Protel at home...).

I have had about 2 days' experience with Windows XP and dual heads; a
number of things aren't quite the way I expect them to be, but they're
all OS issues. I still have to get my feet wet with DXP yet, but in the
1/2 hour I've used it so far it's seemed that dual head is essential.

I won't bore you all with the OS issues, I'll just say that the X Window
System treats multiple displays much much better than Windows (and is a
better desktop all round, for a number of reasons I won't go into).

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Yes, but you have to make sure that the video card  and associated
drivers are capable of handling the mixed load. Nvidia's hardware and
software provide these capabilities with issue and are in general quite
affordable, and no, I don't really care about Matrox, since it's such a
crappy company. 

One thing to remember is that if you're going with both LCD and CRT,
make sure that the video outputs are compatible with the monitors you've
chosen. For instance, if you choose an all digital LCD in (can you still
get these?) then you'll need a video card with a DVI connector. Some
people swear that you have to have DVI for video performance. I don't
know...Seems so much snobbery, like "oxygen free speaker cable", SCSI is
better than EIDE" and techno-bull, usually sponsored by no-nothings and
richie riches out to "my dog is bigger" everyone.

In terms of ideals, obviously, the ultimate multi-display utilizes
identical monitors of exceptionally large size and superior resolution,
color quality, etc. If only I were one of the idle rich...

My opinionated 2 cents.

NVIdia-based MX440 or similar is a cost-effective solution, but again,
make sure about electrical connections and the LCD you'ver chosen...


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I'm getting ready to add a second monitor for use with DXP04 running on

I'm hoping those with experience can guide me in the right direction.
I'm thinking about adding a 15 or 17 inch flat panel as the secondary
display to my 21 CRT. I thought the flat panel would be used for display
of panels and reports while the CRT would be used for the editing

Here are some things I'm curious sure about:

1. Is this a good strategy?

2. Is my proposed mix of CRT and flat panel even feasible, and can the
flat panel be set for a lower resolution than the CRT. If this is
hardware dependant, is there anything special I should know?

3. I'd like to hear about multi-display configurations that work
especially well (or don't work well).


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