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At 04:07 PM 8/18/2004, Ian Wilson wrote:
On 04:34 AM 19/08/2004, Keith said:
I was working on a layout in Protel 99 SE and decided I wanted to save
it and work off a copy of the ddb. I save all and close the file. I
make a copy of the file and open it. Now Protel has completely lost
its marbles.. All of my documents (rpt, drc, lib, pcb, etc) have the
same icon, a little move with a shortcut-like arrow in it. When I do a
file >> new my only options are CAM output configuration and Document
Folder. Clicking a file causes no obvious affect.  Right clicking a
file and selecting properties says all the files of the Type CAM
output configuration but the view >> details view of the file
structure still lists Text, PCBLib, PCB, etc as it should be. I have
reboot my computer and also tried opening copies (scared to open
originals) of know working files other then this one and I get the
same result. I'm completely dumbfounded. Does anybody know what the
heck happened?!?


I saw you had solved the problem, in a fashion, on a follow-up post.

One thing that can cause P99SE to go ape is an ini file over 64k (I think this is the limit; it is a Windows limit I think.). This can happen soon enough, in P99SE, as one of the ini files keeps a track of all projects that have been opened - a most recently used file list but not limited to the usual four or so most recent files like in most apps.

Ian- Yes, the 64K limit on INI files was a MS Windows limit. I know that it applied to Windows 98 and earlier but I'm not sure about ME or NT. I do know that it was increased or gotten rid of in Win2000 and later.

When I was using Win98 as my OS, I'd back up my Protel INI file after installing and setting up P98 or P99se. Then when the file got too big I just restored it from the backup and everything in Protel would be back to normal.


Have a look in the windows install folder for the "client99se.ini" file. Open it in a text editor and look at the section [Closed Files List] - if this is huge delete most of them, keep just the recent entries you are working on. In the file I had a look at just now, the [servers] and the [locks] sections are below the [closed file list] section - a lot of files listed could have left the server list and the lock list inaccessible. I suggest moving these two important sections above the [closed file list] section - put the section that can grow out-of-bounds at the bottom of the file.

This may not be the cause of the problem but it is a documented issue, that could conceivably cause the problem.

Bye for now,
Ian Wilson

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