Terry- I've often experienced footprints that won't select when using 'inside area' unless I center their comments and designators as you describe. I didn't think that was what was being described.

He said that select inside "only highlights these parts optically, not really". I assumed that meant that the parts were highlighted in the selection color but that the selection attribute in the component dialog was not enabled.


At 04:06 PM 8/19/2004, Terry Creer wrote:
I see this all of the time.

First, Unhide all Designators' and Comments' on components:

Double click a component, untick the hide box on the designator and the
comment, press the Global button and hit OK.

Now you can see all Designators and Comments.

Next, (you need Service Pack 6 for this) double click again on the
component, set designators and comments Autoposition to Centre, Global>Ok.

If you don't want/have Service Pack 6 then you have to move designators and
comments by hand to the middle of the component.

Now the comment and designators should be in the centre of the component.

You can hide them again and now you should be able to select the way you

Hope that helps!


...PS - check the components are not LOCKED!

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At 01:10 PM 8/19/2004, you wrote:
>Watching already at my 30-day demo of 99SE i see some problems with
>selecting a group of components.
>I use mouse to select them or use edit-select-inside
>area way. But it only highlights these parts optically, not
>Selecting ALL parts on PCB works fine

I've never see a case where parts were visibly selected, but not selected
for editing or moving purposes. How do you know the parts aren't really
selected? If you redraw the screen (use the END key) does the visible
selection disappear?

You might want to check that you have the latest service pack, SP6,
installed (if it will work with the demo). You can get it from the Altium
web site. BTW, can you still purchase 99se new in box or do you have
purchase a previously owned licence?


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