2004 has a completly different user interface and if you dont mind
spending time some time every day looking through the knowledge
base and asking questions on the forum, then go for it.
I have recently upgraded
but have spent lots of time just trying to figure out the interface and ways to
do simple tasks
in 99SE which seemed way too complicated in 2004. However it seems the promises
of 99SE
such as simulation, routing and signal integrity tools actually might work in
But it still has cut and paste array renumbering problems (sch renumbers the
array a certain way whilst pcb has a different renumbering sequence!) and poor
support for differential routing.
The array renumbering problems are a big issue for the types of boards I do and
its enough for me to
use both programs for design, but I find myself mostly using P99SE due to its
easy to use and fast.


Rene Tschaggelar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 09/14/2004 08:02:13 AM

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Subject:  Re: [PEDA] Is it time to upgrade from 99SE to Protel 2004?

Steve Smith wrote:

> Hi all,
> It's time for me to request equipment & software for
next years budget and I still don't have a warm & fuzzy
feeling about Protel 2004.  Has SP1 improved the Situs
autorouter?  Are the other improvements worth the $3500
USD?  I have seen a few of you say that once you had
upgraded you would never go back.  Is it really that
much better or are the systems so incompatible that
once 2004 is learned it would be tough to go back and
do it the 99SE way, much less admit that the money was
poorly spent?  We only design about 10 boards a year
and I am having a real problem justifying the cost
of upgrading from 99SE SP6 to myself much less my boss.

10 boards is not a measure, unless they contain less
than 3 transistors and equally many passives.

Before it is forgotten. You're not done with those 3500$.
Put another monitor and a dual head graphics card onto the
list too.

Ing.Buro R.Tschaggelar http://www.ibrtses.com
Your newsgroups @  http://www.talkto.net

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