Specctra isn't a turn key product, like most Protel users expected the
Protel Autorouter to be. I was always impressed how simple Protel was to use
in the beginning but learning to pass parameters to the Specctra Autorouter
was much more of a challenge. I have seen the output of the Specctra
Autorouter in the hands of a trained 'DO file' maker. It can do very good
work. It can also create garbage just as well if the 'DO Files' are in their
default state. I attended a seminar on the Specctra Autorouter and see that
it has many features that if known about would make the job of communicating
with the software much better. Perhaps Electra is similar?

Bill Brooks 
PCB Design Engineer , C.I.D., C.I.I.
Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510

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I dont believe for a minute that you know what you are doing.  These are
some pretty harsh words but dont blast a product (ELECTRA)that failed to
route only becuase you dont understand how it works. If Electra didnt work
then Spectra wont work either.   SPECCTRA is a world class router, whose
performance has not been equaled.  I dont expect you could get this router
to work either.   The command set is the same for both routers... so
SPECCTRA sucks too ...right?

Learn to use the damm program before you release your ignorant opinion.

Mike Reagan

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>I finally downloaded the Electra router and tried it on a board
>I had just routed with the P99SE default router.  I thought Protel
>did badly, but the Electra board was a nightmare.  It wasn't
>even able to complete all the nets, it left about 5 undone.
>Protel made a fair jumble of traces all over the place, but Electra
>literally filled the entire area within the keepout border with tracks!
>I can't say for sure whether I had all the settings right (actually, I 
>found anywhere in Electra to set options, etc.) so I'm not sure this
>is a good comparison, yet, but so far I'm not very impressed, to
>say the least.
>Since this was discussed a while ago, I thought I would give a report.

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