I've been following these recent posts with interest, even though I'm not (yet) an ELECTRA user. When you say 'I want to elaborate on moving in and out', what exactly do you mean? i.e. moving in and out of an Electra run (so that you can do a few things manually), or doing multiple Electra runs for selected parts of a layout, or...?

The ultimate router has to be a 'start-and-forget-it' utility, but 35+ years experience tells us that it's not going to happen any time soon. Until then we need all the tips, education, and coercion to make the best use of the tools that we do have.

Keep up the good work


At 11:01 PM 20-09-04, you wrote:

Thanks for the feedback.  I might work on second revision because I want to
elaborate on moving in and out, routing selected nets and components only.
To answer your questions: Why not to use the DO file from DXP?.... You can
set up all of your design rules inside the PCB file, almost all of the rules
will be transferred seamlessly to the router dsn file.  There is little
need to add effort by writing a long do file.   With the exception to
guarantee that you wont choke off any routing paths I rarely write more than
a few lines in  do file.   DXP and 99  do an excellent job of maintaining
the design rules for  the router.  DXP has a slight edge with better support
for classes.  The Do file from DXP is not a  usable file, that is why I
mentioned not to use it.  It can nt be tweaked, there is more information
contained in the dsn file.  Tweak your design rules in the pcb file.   This
is where it should be done anyways.

I need to read what I wrote about the MAX vias..  I will respond later this
morning to that question

Mike Reagan

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Hi Mike,

It's nice to see this published.

Figures 2 and 3 need to be swapped or the text needs to be swapped.

One page 7, there is a sentence which doesn't make sense to me:
"A good rule is to use is maximum via" I tried to make sense of it by
continuing to read, but it didn't help. Can you explain what you mean?

There is a typo on page 8. (first paragraph, second to last sentence.)

How come you say not to use DXP's DO file? Does it generate bad info? Isn't
it a good place to start and then manually tweek it? Doesn't DXP communicate
the PCB rules into Electra through the DO file, or do the rules migrate
through the DSN file? (I thought that was the board layout only)

Thanks! Tony

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Dennis wrote:

here is the link to the article by Mike re Electra tip


it is pretty interesting, exp the strategy re via to via spacing

On High Density designs its all about the VIAS.


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