The title block is stored in the sheet template. The sheet templates are in xx\Design Explorer 99SE\System\Templates.ddb

Open a template, edit the desired elements, save the result as a .dot file with a file name of your choosing, then reuse it anytime as the template for your own custom sheet.

If you change the template "on-the-fly" you can "save as" .dot file and reuse it.

Yes - you have to have a separate template for each size sheet you commonly use.

At 07:20 PM 10/7/04, you wrote:

Hi all,

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the Schematic title block in 99SE.

I don’t have a ‘Default template’ file loaded (under Tools->Preferences). This setting gives a simple title block with no graphics etc. Nice, I’m happy – except for one thing – the filename has its full path displayed and more often than not extends into and way past the ‘Drawn By’ box.

The other nice thing about this title block is that I can go into ’Document Options’ and change the template size and the title block always stays in the bottom right-hand corner.

So my first question is – where is this title block stored so I can modify it (if possible)?

Now when I load a ‘Default Template’ from Tools -> Preferences it has the big Protel logo with Protel’s full address etc, etc on it. I don’t remember working for Protel… At least I don’t think I do… These templates are no good to me. These are the ones in the ‘Templates.ddb’.

I realize I can generate my own template, but that brings up another problem – resizing the sheet on the fly. If I use a custom template and change it’s size with ‘Document Options’, then the title block stays where it is (it doesn’t stay in the bottom right hand corner). Useless. That means I have to make a template for every size of sheet I want? Eugh.

So I guess my second question is – is a custom template for every sheet size I use the only way?

All I want is the ‘standard’ template without the full file path displayed in it. Is this asking too much?

Sorry about the long–winded spiel, but I think this is important and it’s been bugging me for a long time.

Thanks in advance for any guidance,


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