Hello Mira and Karl,

Karl Berry wrote:

> I still fear a problem with Acrobat.  The proTeXt pdf makes use of the
> "run" feature, which I don't think any other pdf's in protext do.
> Unfortunately I have no clue what can be done, which I know is less than
> helpful.  Sorry.  Thomas, any ideas?

hmm, i'm not quiet sure - up to now Mira is the only one who had this 
problem. In addition, if Acrobat can't handle the "run" feature, it 
should react an other way than freezing.

Mira, can you tell me the exact version number of the reader you're 
using? You should get it by opening the menu 'Help' -> 'About Adobe 
Reader' and it should look like 'Version 7.0.x 03/16/2006' - so i could 
try to rebuild this situation.

> My only other thought is whether protext.exe was corrupted in the
> download.  Probably not, since it unpacked ok, but can you check the
> filesize (should be 425968887 bytes) or preferably the md5 checksum
> (should be 10e28d1fa9ae50d7fa228830f0cc524f)?

Nope - i've sent Mira a copy of my local install.pdf, which produced the 
same misbehaviour.

Have a nice weekend - Thomas
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