Hi Mira,

Mira T Guo ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Hello Thomas and Karl,
> Thank you for your help with the Acrobat problem.  
> I am still unable to open the protext-install-en.pdf that you sent me.
> The version of Acrobat I am using is 7.0.7, but I did not see a date
> listed along with that version number.

Well, i'm not quite sure that the date is listed also with the Windows 

> I actually ended up just installing proTeXt on a different computer,
> where both proTeXt and Acrobat worked smoothly with no errors, so
> I don't really have a problem any more.

I'm glad that you've found a solution. Nevertheless i think more and 
more its a special problem with your Acrobat Reader. Maybe you should 
reconsider trying the "nearly everytime" Windows fix - which means you 
could try to deinstall the Reader and try a complete new installation 
afterwards. ;-)

Regards - Thomas

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