It's very possible I'm being silly, but I'm failing to apply options
in 2.0.2. I've updated from svn and built a fresh copy of protoc
(under windows).

Here's the situation:

import "google/protobuf/descriptor.proto";

package extraoptions;

extend google.protobuf.FileOptions {
  optional string NewOption = 20000;

import "options.proto";

package test;

option (extraoptions.NewOption) = "Testing";

message SimpleMessage {
  required int32 x = 1;

---------------Command line---------------
protoc -otest.pb test.proto

test.proto:5:8: Option field "(extraoptions.NewOption)" is not a field
or extension of message "FileOptions".

I've had a look at the source for this error, and it's decorated with
this comment:
// This can only happen if, due to some insane misconfiguration of the
// pools, we find the options message in one pool but the field in
// another. This would probably imply a hefty bug somewhere.


Anyone fancy pointing out my stupid mistake? I haven't tried this on
Linux yet, but I'd be very surprised to find it's a platform-specific


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