On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 1:51 PM, Monty Taylor <mord...@inaugust.com> wrote:

> Well, the build-if-newer is handled by either Make or VisualStudio, not
> by the compiler in either case.

Right, the link is to a build system plugin.  I'm all for build system
plugins for protocol buffers but those wouldn't involve changing protoc.

> As for the dependencies ... gcc _does_ have options (-MD -MP -MF) to
> spit out depends that it determines from following include files in
> Makefile format.

I'd definitely accept adding an option like that to protoc, if someone sends
me a patch, though this is pretty different from what George was asking for.

> So I would be in favor of protoc including support for the second. I
> have no interest (and actually a negative interest) in protoc handling
> the first thing - that's a job for a build system)

Sounds like we're in agreement here.

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