On Wed, Dec 09, 2009 at 12:10:33PM +0100, Romain François wrote:
> Hello,
> Following Kenton's advice, I'm starting to look at implementing protobuf 
> rpc over http. I have started to work on a basic java server (based on 
> the com.sun.net.httpserver class). I will post this at some point when I 
> am happier with it (currently it can only serve one dummy service that 
> returns the input message as is)
> A request looks like this :
> -----------------------------------------------------
> POST /{service full name}/{method name} HTTP/1.0
> Connection: close
> Content-Length: {length of the serialized message}
> {raw bytes of the serialized message}
> -----------------------------------------------------
I'm using method name encoded in query part of URL like /base/url?Service.Method
Also it's seem useful to provide Content-Type to distinguish between different
encodings of message (for example JSON).

> And a successful response looks like this:
> -----------------------------------------------------
> HTTP/1.1 200 OK
> Content-length: {length of the serialized response}
> {raw bytes of the serialized response}
> -----------------------------------------------------
Also it may be useful to state that errors are transmitted as body of 
500 Internal Server Error response.

For my implementation You may see [1] and [2] for python and C++ HTTP client.

[1] http://grid.pp.ru/wiki/pbufrpc
[2] http://grid.pp.ru/cgit/pbufrpc


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