On 12/10/2009 05:46 PM, Pavel Shramov wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 05:06:09PM +0100, Romain François wrote:
>>> I'm using method name encoded in query part of URL like 
>>> /base/url?Service.Method
>> That seems odd. Why not /base/url?service=Service&method=Method instead ?
> For simplicity (from my point of view). Query string is here only to identify 
> method
> to call and not to pass parameters to it. So why to bother?

What about then if you want to control the kind of output that is 
returned back (pb or json). I would then add &encoding=pb or 
&encoding=json. How do you do this ?

I don't have any strong opinions. I think the best format is :


where "service" is the service full name, and "method" the method name 
within the service.

>>> Also it's seem useful to provide Content-Type to distinguish between 
>>> different
>>> encodings of message (for example JSON).
>> Yep. Will add this.
> I'm using application/x-protobuf here as protobuf-net does.
>> I will. So this makes 3 very similar http based protocols, but slightly
>> different. We should come to an agreement. :-)
> Definitely we have :) But it seem impossible :)
>               Pavel

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