I generally create web services using WCF or ASP.NET MVC. I don't get
the point of "Protocol Buffers". Am I missing something?

Out of the box, WCF web services and ASP.NET MVC actions serialise my
objects to JSON or XML, using the serialisation libraries provided by
the framework. I don't need to do anything to achieve "encoding
structured data in an efficient yet extensible format" -- I just
define my objects as normal and the .NET framework does everything for

I don't need to write any code to do the serialisation, either. I just
define the return type of the web method in my WCF project, or define
an ASP.NET MVC Action that returns the object. The framework does the

Also, I rarely come accross a web service that returns anything other
than strings, 32-bit integers and booleans. If I did, I'd probably
question the architecture.

Perhaps somebody could explain why I would want or need to use
Protocol Buffers?

Thanks! :)

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