Comment #3 on issue 658 by use cmake for builds

Dear Protobuf developers,
Integrating protobuf vsprojects into a CMake based project, is a big major PITA. I have been maintaining code for years doing that and it's one of the reason I'm looking at alternatives.

Not only maintenance and pull-requests will be easier to manage if there is only one source defining the targets, but it also help most C++ developers which either already use CMake or will have no trouble just generating the projects for protobuf with cmake, then focus on their specific project files.

You might be seeing the issue in the wrong way: adding a very simple to use tool to generate any project file is not at all a burden for the user, except if your cmake file don't do their job. It's a very minor addition of tool for a major improvement in long-term maintainability and dependency management.

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