so we are somehow back in game. And now I am getting familiar what I have 
done more then half a year ago.

So for now I got some basic structure of code that will later be as a 
starting point for real implementation. I am trying to do some simple 
experiments to see how it works. Though I got problem that even if I get 
descriptor I am not getting any data. I have used example from encoding 
specification since I needed something really simple. 

    const Descriptor* descriptor = 
    if (descriptor == NULL)
    DynamicMessageFactory factory;
    Message *message = factory.GetPrototype(descriptor)->New();
    // Use the message object for parsing/etc.
    std::string input_data = "089601";
    // Access a specific field in the message

    for (int i = 0; i < descriptor->field_count(); i++)
        const FieldDescriptor* field = descriptor->field(i);
        switch (field->type())
            case FieldDescriptor::TYPE_INT32:
                    int nVal = message->GetReflection()->GetInt32(*message, 
                    printf("%d\n", nVal);


But from reflection I am getting that value is 0. So either I have wrongly 
set input data considering that I misunderstand format or there is 
something else. Do you have any idea what may be cause?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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