sorry for asking for advice so soon again.

I have progressed a bit futher and I am now trying to display decoded data. 
For that purpose I have prepared some data and tried to decode them but I 
have encountered problem with repeated structures and with nested messages. 
I dont know how to get count of repeats in case of repeated fields so its 
problematic to address them. In case of nested messages I have experiencing 
difficulties how to get message.

Here is function I have made so far. Note that I am suspecting that it will 
probably need some more tweaking so it can be called recursively (work 
still in progress). For now I am satisfied just by displaying data on first 

void ExpandSubMessage(Message *message, Descriptor *descriptor)
    for (int i = 0; i < descriptor->field_count(); i++)
        const FieldDescriptor* field = descriptor->field(i);
        switch (field->type())
            case FieldDescriptor::TYPE_INT32:
                int nVal = message->GetReflection()->GetInt32(*message, 
                printf("%s = %d\n", field->name().c_str(), nVal);

            case FieldDescriptor::TYPE_STRING:
                std::string strVal = 
message->GetReflection()->GetString(*message, field);
                printf("%s = %s\n", field->name().c_str(), strVal.c_str());

//            case FieldDescriptor::TYPE_ENUM: 
message->GetReflection()->GetEnum(*message, field); break;
            case FieldDescriptor::TYPE_MESSAGE:
                Message *messVal;
                if (field->is_repeated())
field, 1);
                    message->GetReflection()->GetMessage(*messVal, field);
                printf("%s = %s\n", field->name().c_str(), 


I have tried to look for details in specification on your pages but didn't 
find anything that would answer my question.

May I once again ask for your assistance?

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