Hi again,

As I have stated before I am done with decoding, but now I am solving 
different type of problem. As I have mentioned before imports may prove 
problematic to our implementation.

Let me describe use-case how it will be used. There will be configuration 
stating for which data (message number, specific field) will be applied 
which proto file and structure (data type). Therefore there is no knowledge 
about other proto files up until now. In run time data are fetched and 
shipped to decoder. In current implementation is specified proto file 
loaded and specific type used for decoding. That much is clear and works. 
But if some parts of structures are imported. It will fail. That much is 
clear that using just one file descriptor will be not enough as you have 
mentioned earlier.

That leads to your proposition (posted earlier) to use DescriptorDatabase. 
I have looked on implementation of classes derived from DscriptorDatabase. 
I am more or less able to provide directory for SourceTree, but that 
doesn't answer question about import. I mean since I am aware of only one 
proto file. Is import done automatically or other files has to be also 
included manually into database?

Another question I have is bout order of operations. You mentioned that I 
have to first call FindFileByName() before callingFindMessageTypeByName(). 
That may be problem since I am not aware in which proto file may be located.

Also I have noticed in code note that proto files with types used in other 
proto files have to be "loaded" first. So is there any way how to ensure 
right order of loading?

I hope my question are not too strange but I my knowledge about google 
protocol buffers are a bit limited.

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