So far I've been using the binary wire format, and now I'm trying to use 
JSON serialization for some things and the usage seems to be somewhat 
different, so looking for a little guidance.

In C++, what are the possible ways to go about JSON serialization and 
deserialization? So far I could only find ways that use the binary wire 
format as some sort of an intermediate stage between the JSON 
representation and C++ message objects. Are there any ways of doing this 
that are more direct, not going through the binary wire format in between? 
Also, are there any documents and/or examples for using ObjectWriter and 
other proto3 classes or are they only going to be available once the final 
release is out? (I saw a post here mentioning it's likely to be sometime 
around Q4, is that still the case?)

In C# as far as I can tell serialization can be performed using 
JsonFormatter directly or through ToString() and deserialization is not 
implemented yet. Is that correct? Will JSON deserialization be available in 
the final release? For now I'm using a managed wrapper around the C++ 
JsonToBinary() function as a temporary solution for C# JSON deserialization 
and it seems to be working okay. Are there any potential pitfalls with this 
approach I might be overlooking? Are there any alternatives for the time 

Thanks in advance,

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