Hello all,

I recently took it upon myself to get proton-c working with android.  I ended 
up being successful in my endeavor. It took me a couple weeks to get it working 
but I have put in some effort to make the process straightforward. The bulk of 
the work did not involve many changes to proton-c code, as it was mostly 
focused on getting the library to build for android. I did have to change a 
couple lines of code in driver.c, (getprotobyname doesn't work). My method 
utilizes the android build system 'ndk-build' and the swig bindings produced 
from proton 0.6. Because of the lack of swig bindings in proton-c 0.7 I have 
not used this version on android. I have been able to successfully create apps 
and upload them to my phone for sending and receiving messages with proton-c.

This was not a straightforward process, but with the work I've done it's easy 
to build proton-c targeting ARM and other android architectures. I have a 
folder with a readme that lists the instructions for building the proton-c 
library targeting android architectures and all it involves is downloading the 
ndk, and calling 'ndk-build' three times in three different folders.

I was wondering how I can contribute this to the proton project? It would be 
really cool if my work could somehow be included into the build system for 
proton so that with a simple option the ARM  architecture libraries could be 
created alongside the normal build targets.

For example I envision something along the lines of:


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