On 11/06/15 09:33 -0400, Ken Giusti wrote:
Yeah, jython's PYTHONPATH points to that directory - it has to in order to pick 
up the python sources.

we really should clean that cproton.py up.  In fact, we probably shouldn't be 
writing generated files anywhere in the source tree.  Everything should go 
under the build directory where cmake is run.

It's actually something that swig does itself when building the python
extension, I don't think there's much we can do unless we move
cproton.i somewhere else, which is not a crazy thing to do.

I tried moving it under a different package but that ends up in the
build step copying the whole package into site-packages instead of
just copying the generated `cproton.py` module.

That said, distutils has enough hooks to make something like this
work, I'll take a look.


P.S: I was finally able to replicate this issue.

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On 06/10/2015 03:24 PM, Flavio Percoco wrote:
> On 09/06/15 12:30 -0400, Ken Giusti wrote:
>> A betting man would wager it has something to do with the recent
>> changes to the python setup.py.
>> I'll have a look into it.
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>>> Subject: something rotten in the state of... something or other
>>> I've recently started seeing errors[1] when running tests due to left
>>> over artefacts of previous builds. This happens even for a completely
>>> clean build directory, as some of the offending artefacts seem to be
>>> created in the source tree.
>>> Jython seems to be trying and failing to load cproton. With a completely
>>> clean source and build tree, everything passes, but it is kind of
>>> annoying to have to rely on that. Is anyone else seeing anything
>>> similar? Any ideas as to the cause (I've only seen it happening quite
>>> recently) or possible cures?
> I haven't been able to replicate this but I'm afraid it might be my
> fault. Does it happen to you every time?

Pretty much, yes. On more digging, it appears that the
proton-c/bindings/python/cproton.py file in the source tree is causing
the problem. It seems to get generated when running the
python-tox-tests, and once its there the proton-java tests fail with the
error pasted previously.

If I delete that file and also delete the .pyc, .class and .pyo objects
in the source tree, then the java tests pass again.


Flavio Percoco

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