I just submitted a simple DOM builder enhancement [1]. The framework is
currently strong on DOM manipulation, but for content updates it only relies
on innerHTML. What I always use in my projects is a simple wrapper around
createElement() and appendChild() DOM methods - recently I though it would
make a nice addition to the core.

Other DOM builders out there are script.aculo.us' [2], which is IMO too big
for core (what are those hacks for, anyway?); Vivabit DOM builder [3]
(original blog post currently unavailable); and Mochikit DOM [4], which is
huge and full-featured but we don't really need most of it.

Personally I think Dan's approach is most "Prototypish" and it also
generated a lot of blog buzz when it came out - it was exactly what most of
the people needed. Mine is similar, but without the method creation feature:
no html.DIV() or html.INPUT(), just plain ol' string arguments.

var form = $E('form',
    $E('input', {type : 'text', name : 'email'}),
    $E('input', {type : 'text', name : 'password'}),
    $E('input', {type : 'submit'})

What do you think? Do you need it? Does it belong to core? If so, what
approach should we take?


p.s. my patch in Trac still lacks attribute fixes for IE, I'm quite aware of
that... right now it's just proof of concept ;)

[1] http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/7476
[2] http://dev.rubyonrails.org/browser/spinoffs/scriptaculous/src/builder.js
[3] http://ajaxian.com/archives/dom-builder-a-nicer-dom
[4] http://mochikit.com/doc/html/MochiKit/DOM.html

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