I was just about to submit a patch to trac so instead I bring it up
here for discussion.
Since we already have the Builder in script.aculo.us I don't think is
necessary to bring an advanced builder into core. I've been using this
code in my recent project and it is lightweight and reads out very

First we add Element.writeAttributes (or whatever it should be named
but since we already have readAttribute I thought this name should
match) to let chaining works when settings an element's attribute(s):

        // ...
        writeAttributes: function(element, properties) {
                element = $(element);
                for (var property in properties)
                        element[property] = properties[property];
                return element;
        // ...

Then replace the current:
var Element = new Object();

with something like:

function Element(tagName, options) {
|| {});

This way it would be really easy to create new elements when you don't
need the full functionallity from Builder with all it's fixes and

var myHeader = new Element('div', {id: 'header'});

What do you think? I would happily provide a patch with tests if you
like this approach.

Btw, is there any way to view Sam's proposition for us without account
on the rails basecamp site?

On 2/3/07, Tobie Langel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sam's proposition for changing element update (see basecamp: http://
> rails.updatelog.com/projects/279620/msg/cat/1905466/3314374/comments)
> doubles the functionality of a DOM builder IMO.
> >


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