> I've been doing a lot of research on the subject of Event registration.
> It made me question: do we really need to detach listeners in IE on
> unload?  Unless anyone knows for sure, I plan to test.

According to what I've read primarily here:
it is pretty well established that it is necessary.

Also, I think we can remove the try-catch blocks
> on lines 116 and 125 of your patch because exceptions should never be
> generated

I put them in there because I thought IE's methods (or at least detachEvent)
might throw an exception, but I honestly don't know for sure. Also, if an
old browser doesn't support add/removeEventListener or attach/detachEvent
then trying to call those functions would throw an exception, but that is a
very minor point.

About the Event.element patch, I've never used Safari as I don't have access
to a Mac so I wouldn't know, but if you've read my recent posts you know how
I feel about Safari...  ;)
It does look like it would make sense to do that if that is the case.

I think this patch has become quite refined and mature by now, I'd love to
get some more feedback from the Core guys...


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