On Feb 19, 2:01 am, Christophe Porteneuve <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'll resume my own work based on this new source.  I see you used just
> about all the feedback I had done on it, except for the NS attributes
> detection.  How come?

I think that was an oversight.  I'll correct that.

> Oh, a final note about unique, sth I meant to fix but forgot: when you
> "remove" your custom _counted property:
>         result[index]._counted = undefined;
> You don't remove it.  You merely change its value.  It's still going to
> be enumerated, for instance.  You should use:
>         delete result[index]._counted;
> That does remove the custom property, I believe.

I'd tried this originally, but IE doesn't let you delete expando
properties you've set on DOM nodes. Just another example of how the
DOM is attached to the JScript engine with duct tape.


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