Am 21.02.2007 um 05:14 schrieb Andrew Dupont:

>> It's not been mentioned yet but theres a slightly updated version of
>> my DOM Builder in Low Pro and instead of using the apply stuff it
>> creates the functions with a $ prefixed which I thought was more
>> Prototypish.  $span, $div etc.  It also does fix the most common bugs
>> (but not as much as the scriptaculous version which is very thorough)
>> and is pretty small.  Predictably, my vote would go for my version :)
> I'm conflicted about this.  I realize that DOM building convenience
> methods are only convenient when the names are short, but at the same
> time I worry about dropping into the $ namespace the namess of all
> elements used in HTML4.

Note that the DOM builder has this as an option, you  
can choose to have the shortcuts, either globally or added to an  
object of your choice.

unit/builder_test.html#L191 ff

The Builder.dump() call creates the TAGNAME() shortcuts.


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