You've led me to an interesting thought, though.  Would you support  
tweaking Form.serialize and/or $F to check for the presence of an  
onSerailize callback attached to the element, whose result is  
returned instead of element.value if the callback exists?  It would  
make it easier for you to pursue your objective....


On Mar 8, 2007, at 3:00 PM, Rick Olson wrote:

>> After reflecting on my response, above, I figured you were probably
>> aware of the JSON limitation, and simply disagree with me regarding
>> the library's responsibility in this manner.  =)
> Madness.  I'll add it myself then.  I can't see why you'd pass
> xmlschema dates around and want to treat them like strings.
> the fjson ribu lib supports it if you use {"json_class":"Time",
> "data":"xmlschematime"}, but that's even worse.  Or, I'll just go back
> to xml then.
> -- 
> Rick Olson
> >

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