Trac should be back up now... so you're welcome to submit that.

On Mar 15, 1:31 am, "Colin Mollenhour" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Trac isn't responding at the moment so I can't explore and see what
> other problems Hash.toQueryString is having, but I completely rewrote
> it myself to support nested structures and the rewrite handles all of
> the cases mentioned in this thread correctly (including for servers
> out there that aren't running Rails). The string returned reproduces
> the original data structure on the server-side flawlessly and is only
> 26 lines of code total!
> For your consideration, I've included the code and a test page that
> allows you to run your own tests and includes a good default test case
> that also shows off it's abilities nicely. It can be tested alongside
> the Prototype 1.5.1_rc1 version which obviously does not encode arrays
> correctly and cannot encode the nested structures.
> Code:
> Test:
> I'd appreciate your opinions and tests if you think you can break it.
> Thanks,
> Colin

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