> <input type="text" value="this should be returned" name="test" id="www" />
> <input type="text" value="this should not be returned ff2.0 bug not
> appeared in ff3.0 a5" name="test" id="www" />

This is not valid HTML. It has 2 different elements with the same ID, in
which you get unexpected behavior with getElementById.

1.In ie the only way to change a input element's attribute "name" is
> to change outerHTML?

Yes, you are basically re-writing the element. That is never smart.

3.Is there a regular expression to get out the name attribute from
> these two strings '<input type=button value="aaa lll" name=lll />'
> and'<input type=button value="aaa lll" name="lll l" />' one name with
> "" one without, and the method to modify it. Thanks

Of course there is, but there is no sense in making it. I think you now need
to stop trying to solve this with outerHTML because it's just plain wrong
and you'll just have problems down the line.

There are only 3 possible options we're facing:

   1. Don't change the $ function, leave everything as-is;
   2. Fix the issue in $ by using $$('*[id=foo]');
   3. Don't fix the issue, throw error instead.

I don't believe we need to discuss anything else but these.

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