AFAIK outerHTML is not WC3 standards compliant - it is IE extension

I'm not sure it will remove all the event handlers, but it could (and
even should) - when You change outerHTML you can potentially even
the element's name - so how would event handler work on such a new
element. So I suppose, the reference to the old element is destroyed,
and a reference to new element is created when you change outerHTML.
Even if in this process you change only the 'name' attribute of the

On Jun 18, 12:23 pm, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Tks, I quite do not understand outerHTML, oh this would remove all the
> event handlers, in opera only change name attribute won't remove the
> event handlers? I think so. IE, misbahaving make me confused on you,
> why does IE implement the DOM basic method like this, any reasonable
> reason? Thanks ;)

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