> Last I checked, Object.extend doesn't check if a child is defined
> before redefining.
> So, that shouldn't be too difficult.

Sure, but unless I am missing something .. I have to call
Object.extend on Array.prototype, Hash.prototype, ObjectRange,
Ajax.Responders, Element.ClassNames.prototype to get all of the

Instead imagine if there was a function:

SuperExtend(Enumerable, functions)  that knew about all of these
relationships. and would do that for me in one call.

So, Object.Extend as a side effect would would track the list of
classes that were extended in a hash or something like it.  And then
we could revisit that later.

> It would make more sense to have a separate function:
> each ( function [, binding] )
> eachOf ( binding, function )  // or something similar
> Sound reasonable? Plausible?

Sure, it sounds plausible, but I am suggesting we do this with all of
the functions that accept context as a second param, this could mean
that there are just too many functions.

Imagine, eachOf and rejectOf, partitionOf etc.. etc..

So I agree this is a bit of a pickle but IMHO I think its worth
breaking the regularity rule for this one.

> Generally speaking, most "suggestions" are posed as questions: "What
> do you think about [suggestion]?"
> Versus, "this is BS...they're idiots...they should do it this way
> cause I think it's better."
> At least, that's the tone/attitude I got out of your aforementioned
> blog post.

I'm new to this, and I felt pretty insulted by the suggestion I have
not worked in big teams.

I would like to be perfectly clear here, I love using prototype,
without it my last couple of weeks would have been hell.
You guys have done a great job with this library.
I really just wanted to make a suggestion. Binding is such a hard
concept to grasp, and I think making the library more flexible in this
area would make peoples life a bit easier.

Perhaps I should have chosen a different tone ... I'm new to this
whole open source thing.

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