+1 for "dynamic" Mixins (or hierarchy aware Object.extend as you call
it )

Dean Edwards' Base2 already implements something similar afaik.

P.S. and let's leave the scope argument where it is right now - on the
right side : )

On Feb 9, 4:07 am, sambo99 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The more I think about this, the harder I find it to justify a change
> in prototype core. No other functions in prototype allow for random
> ordering of params, and it may cause confusion. On top of that
> javascript 1.6 stuff Andrew pointed out makes things a bit more
> complicated. So, even though I still believe context should be first
> and I still think it reads better it may not be worth changing. I am
> happy to just modify the functions in my apps.
> On the other hand, I do think I am on to something with exploring
> implementation of a hierarchy aware Object.extend. At the bare minimum
> I think it may be worth exploring adding a function to Enumerable that
> allows you to extend it like say:
> Enumerable.addMethod(myFunction)  that takes care of all the classes
> that implement or extend it.
> What are your thoughts? Should I kill off this thread and open a new
> one?
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