Thanks for writing about this. I think it's an interesting idea, but
is almost certainly infeasible because we need to abide by an existing

JavaScript 1.6 (Firefox >= 1.x) introduced some functional array
methods, including one called "map" which does the exact same thing as
our Enumerable#map. [1] These array methods take a function as the
first argument and a scope as the second argument. Since we redefine
the native Array#map, we can't make any changes that would break
scripts that rely on the way the original Array#map works. We could
rewrite the Enumerable methods to accept these arguments in either
order, but I don't think we'd gain much from doing so.

Also, as Ryan points out, optional arguments should always occur to
the right of required arguments.



On Feb 7, 10:11 pm, sambo99 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I blogged about this issue here:
> I think iterators look nicer when you have the scope as the first
> param.
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