I haven't seen the official roadmap for 1.6.1.
So here is my take on it. was a bug fix release.
I see 1.6.1 as an optimization and new feature/API release.

I see things like:

  * Use of documentFragment (Huge IE boost in spots),
  * Use of "_each" instead of "each" in places were we can
  * Remove the event onunload mechanism for IE (I have a working
prototype of it)
  * Avoiding wrapped methods internally (Element.method(element)
instead of element.method())
  * Implement "hasOwnProperty" for Safari 2.0.4 (can finally use it in
the rest of the code)
  * Make $H(...).include() work properly
  * Pass optional conditionals to methods like Element#show,
Element#hide and others)
  * Optimize the Template class.
  * Make Element#getStyle automatically convert units to px and handle
the "inherit" style.
  * Use of Dimensions class
  * Create various methods where needed:
      - Object.isNodeList()
      - Element#isOrphaned
      - Element#getNumericStyle [cssToNumber]

  * Ajax Fixes:
      - Network error fixes
      - Timeout added
      - Abort added
      - Detect when status 0 is allows (when its ftp or file

I am sure I missed a few, but the good news is almost all of these
listed features/modifications have already been programmed. We should
be able to create the tickets and unit tests rather fast.

Do yall have anything else to add?
Here is a list of tickets currently marked to be addressed for 1.6.1
(not nessesarily included in 1.6.1)


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