All good additions, Ken.

Regarding Enumerables, we were actually considering a late-bound mixin
implementation. If we were to use such pattern, any objects that mix
Enumerable in, would automagically have methods that are added to
Enumerable later on. That would obviously work for any other mixin as

I made a Class additions draft some time ago:

- Static methods should allow inheritance (Class.extend (?))
- Mixin methods should allow inheritance (Class.include (?))
- Object.isClass
- Callbacks (object:initialized, method:added, method:inherited, etc.)
- Context-safe constructors. new Person() === Person(); (turn on/off:
Class.CONTEXT_SAFE = true)
- Sugar: Class.getInstanceMethods (Object.keys of
constructor.prototype), Class.getClassMethods (Object.keys of
- Late bound mixin methods (maybe to be able to specify early/late
when adding)

-- kangax

On Jul 3, 12:31 am, "Ken Snyder" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yes, those escapeHTML fixes are what I was thinking.
> I'm excited to see Event delegation!
> Also, I wanted to suggest some more ways to extend and customize Prototype:
> *Event.addMethods* to allow adding methods to Event instances 
> (
> *Class.addMethods* to allow adding methods to every class instance for
> classes created with Class.create() (
> )
> *Enumerable.addMethods* as a quick way to add methods to all enumerables:
> Enumerable.addMethods = function(methods) {
>   Hash.addMethods(methods);
>   ObjectRange.addMethods(methods);
>   Object.extend(Ajax.Responders, methods);
>   Object.extend(Array.prototype, methods);
>   Element.ClassNames.addMethods(methods); // i think this is deprecated now
> };
> - Ken
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