@Gareth Evans

 * will automagically stopObserving on Element#update.
    Element#remove doesn't automate this because you could keep a
reference to the element.
    In 1.6.1 it might be a non issue because the Event system may
avoid the memoryleak issue alltogeather
    and not have to worry about stopObserving().

 * Is element.match just a renaming of element.select?

 * Event delegation FTW :) (jQuery will soon have it too)

@Ken Snyder

  * has fixed IE and WebKits escapeHTML/unescapeHTML to be as
fully featured as Firefoxes and others.

  * has replaced the document.write for IE dom loaded
detection with doScroll

  * I dig Object.isEmpty, I don't like the "hasProperties" name
because it may have methods or something.

  * I believe Juriy has mentioned having optional conditionals for
Element methods I could see that being
    similar to an optional selector :)

 - JDD

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