I'll throw in some things:

* mouse(enter|leave) events: Would be a big plus. I don't like the
idea that Prototype authors have to write up hacks while other
frameworks have had this available in core for some time now. If this
is added using custom events it will require
* Firing non-bubbling events with Event#fire
* Recursive Object.extend: Could be useful, 
* Revisiting unit tests on dimensions and position: It seems like
these parts of the code are always in flux, there are still issues
that are not addressed. More unit tests will help to get these parts
stable, those could go hand in hand with the Dimensions class.

- Nick

On 2 jul, 20:19, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I haven't seen the official roadmap for 1.6.1.
> So here is my take on it.
> was a bug fix release.
> I see 1.6.1 as an optimization and new feature/API release.
> I see things like:
>   * Use of documentFragment (Huge IE boost in spots),
>   * Use of "_each" instead of "each" in places were we can
>   * Remove the event onunload mechanism for IE (I have a working
> prototype of it)
>   * Avoiding wrapped methods internally (Element.method(element)
> instead of element.method())
>   * Implement "hasOwnProperty" for Safari 2.0.4 (can finally use it in
> the rest of the code)
>   * Make $H(...).include() work properly
>   * Pass optional conditionals to methods like Element#show,
> Element#hide and others)
>   * Optimize the Template class.
>   * Make Element#getStyle automatically convert units to px and handle
> the "inherit" style.
>   * Use of Dimensions class
>   * Create various methods where needed:
>       - Object.isNodeList()
>       - Element#isOrphaned
>       - Element#getNumericStyle [cssToNumber]
>   * Ajax Fixes:
>       - Network error fixes
>       - Timeout added
>       - Abort added
>       - Detect when status 0 is allows (when its ftp or file
> protocols)
> I am sure I missed a few, but the good news is almost all of these
> listed features/modifications have already been programmed. We should
> be able to create the tickets and unit tests rather fast.
> Do yall have anything else to add?
> Here is a list of tickets currently marked to be addressed for 1.6.1
> (not nessesarily included in 
> 1.6.1)http://prototype.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8886-prototype/tickets?fi...
> - JDD
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