Hi Rob... AFAIK, in the "bleeding edge" SVN versions of Prototype, they are
making use of the native JSON parsers if present. I could be wrong, but I
believe I saw that somewhere. I'll leave it to one of the core dudes to
comment further though...

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On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Rob Tsuk <robt...@gmail.com> wrote:

> As you might have seen from some of Mitch Allen's 
> webinar<http://pdnblog.palm.com/?p=79>,
> Palm's new Mojo application framework includes Prototype as part of its
> interface and implementation.
> As a member of the Mojo team, I'd like to extend thanks to all the
> Prototype library developers. Prototype gave us an enormous head start on
> developing Mojo.
> When we started Mojo we considered all the popular JavaScript libraries to
> use as a basis for Mojo. Prototype stood out for the large amount of needed
> functionality it added to JavaScript. I like to think that addition like
> those made to Array are functionality that Array classes should have, and
> it's odd that JavaScript omits them.
> Now that the details of webOS and Mojo are out in public, I have two
> questions about the design of Prototype whose answers would help in Mojo
> development.
> On a webkit-based browser, what is the reasons to create and use the event
> wrappers? In Mojo we've modified them to be thin wrappers around
> addEventListener for the short term to get around some memory "leaks" they
> caused in our environment, but I think that is too big and change and would
> like to find a more compatible fix.
> How much interest is there in augmenting Prototype to use a native JSON
> parser when present? Since we use JSON extensively in our system, the
> performance gains of a native parser are measurable. Our
> internal application developers have been using the Prototype JSON
> encoding/decoding features extensively, so it's best for Mojo if the
> Prototype JSON features used the native one. If the idea is appealing to the
> community, I'd happily provide a patch based on everyones notion of the
> right way to go about it.
> Rob
> >

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