Slightly OT question here.

On Mar 10, 1:52 pm, Tobie Langel <> wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> We're planning to shift to native JSON support in our 1.7 release.
> Unfortunately, our implementation of JSON was based on Doug's initial
> one[1], which used different semantics altogether.
> It turns out that the steps we took back then to avoid naming
> collisions (using the toJSON method named rather than toJSONString
> which Doug's initial implementation used) have turned against us. So
> defaulting to the native implementation might cause some small
> backward-compatibility issues for some of our users, hence the wait
> for a more important release.

If I were in an environment where the JSON object and its methods were
not available, would doing something like this:

if (typeof JSON === "undefined") {
    JSON = {
        stringify : function (o) { return Object.toJSON(o); },
        parse : function (s) { return String(s).evalJSON(); }

produce the same output as using native JSON or the json2.js library,
or would there be differences? If there would be differences, what
would they be?


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