On Mar 10, 10:27 am, Rob Tsuk <robt...@gmail.com> wrote:
> One example is the bind() method on Function. Mojo requires application
> developers to create a certain number of objects whose methods are likely to
> be used as callbacks, and bind() is invaluable for establishing the "this'
> keyword in those cases. It would not improve matters at all to have to call
> Prototype.Function.bind(this.handleRequest, this) rather than
> this.handleRequest.bind(this).

You don't have to call it like that : )
Properties can be aliased to local variables in closures. Local
variables are cheap and closures are flexible.

Does this really look/feel so bad?

var Widget = Class.create((function(){

  var bind = Prototype.lang.bind;

  return {
    initialize: function(id) {
      this.element = $(id);
    init: function()
      this.element.observe('click', bind(this.onClick, this));
    onClick: function(){
      // ...

I understand the ubiquity of `bind` and desire to access it directly
on a function (which is why ES3.1 introduces native `bind`), but if we
are talking about general use on the web (i.e. maximum compatibility),
I don't see how the alternative approach makes code any less clear or
any less pleasant to use. The only downside I see is that you have
another variable (local to your "class") to watch out for.

> Even if there were an option to run Prototype in a namespace and have it not
> extend native prototypes, I doubt we would enable it for Mojo. If we did,

That's the beauty of developing for a controlled environment (please
correct me if I'm wrong)

> we'd have to make all the code in the framework avoid depending on the
> prototypes and use the namespaces, and I don't the what that would do to
> code clarity in the framework would be worth the theoretical compatibility.

I think it's a myth that code clarity is being lost when moving from
oo approach to a more functional one. You only need to change the way
you approach things. It's good to remember that not relying on
augmenting *native prototypes* still allows to take advantage of
expressive prototypal nature of Javascript.

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