On Apr 16, 11:44 am, mr_justin <gro...@jperkins.otherinbox.com> wrote:
> Has the topic ever came up to add the ability to serialize elements of
> a form just but only within a certain container element? I have a page
> where I'm embedding a form within a form (not literally one form
> element within another) and am adding an override to
> Form.Methods#serialize and Form.Methods#getElements so that I can just
> serialize the form elements inside a container element (child node of
> the form) rather than all the form elements.
> Maybe it's too esoteric to add to prototype core.

Most likely too esoteric. Coincidentally, I was just facing similar
issue in our app, where there was a form inside another one. What I
did was to simply disable inner form (`innerForm.disable()`) right
before serialization. This effectively disables all of the form's
controls, making them "unsuccessful" for serialization. You can get an
inner form by either "id" (if you know it) or usng `down`/`select`
(from the outer form) as needed.

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