If you're on a PC you can adjust your wheel-scroll settings in Control
Panel -> Mouse -> Wheel.  I think the default is 3 and I usually
adjust mine up as well.

On Apr 6, 7:15 am, "joe t." <thooke...@gmail.com> wrote:
> +1 for the scrolling. The navigation between documentation links has
> much improved, but the navigation panel still has issues. The wheel-
> scroll is painfully slow. Even clicking in the scroll bar doesn't work
> as expected. When you click a position in the scroll bar, usually it
> jumps to where you clicked.
> Otherwise, the documentation itself is phenomenal, and thanks to all!
> -joe t.
> On Apr 5, 5:19 pm, Joost <joost.van.do...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I have the same problem, because I like to use google to search for
> > stuff in the documentation but I end up on the old one. Also I think
> > the mouse wheel scrolling in the menu onhttp://api.prototypejs.orgis
> > way too slow and should be fixed (it takes 10 seconds for me to scroll
> > down with the mouse wheel..).
> > Good work on the improved docs though.

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