> Yes, but we're moving away from it.

So a JavaScript solution would work now, and later (since I assume
you're moving from Mephisto to something else that *also* supports
JavaScript). If 301s work later, great, but if not there's a fallback

A script included on each old API page that reads the current location
and figures out the new URL and inserts a prominent "This info is old,
go look here instead" box at the top (worded perhaps *slightly* more
carefully) sounds like a half-day project to do right. (It sounds like
an hour-long project, but you know it gets more complex and you get
into ito.) I have a half-day I can give it at the end of the month,
but not sooner, if that would be useful.

-- T.J.

On Apr 7, 3:04 pm, Tobie Langel <tobie.lan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Can we use JavaScript on Mephisto pages?
> > -- T.J.
> Yes, but we're moving away from it.

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