This isn't a bug. This is standard html behaviour. Imagine you write a
paragraph like this:

<p>This is

a paragraph.</p>

To stop confusion between:

This is

a paragraph


This is a paragraph

HTML will always invoke the latter. If you wanted the former, you

<p>This is<br />
<br />
<br />
a paragraph</p>

In your example, you need to enter some non-breaking spaces (&nbsp;)
into the html. Server side, you'll want to do some kind of logic.
Without thinking about it very much at all, you'll want to convert
every space which follows a space into a &nbsp;

On Sep 5, 11:52 pm, Jack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm using for autocompelte
> funcationality. It works fine except when I type name with spaces in
> between. Lets say the DB contains the name as "Jack       Norman" with
> some space in between. In this case, if I type the name as J then the
> query returns the result as "Jack       Norman" to the list as shown
> below:
>     <ul>
>           <li>Jack       Norman</li>
>     </ul>
> And it shows the results with 1 space by stripping remaining spaces.
> What I need is the exact name with spaces. Is this bg fixed?
> Thanks!
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