Ok, you're right...that was the problem.  I made the change and the
row coloring worked just fine.  That said, I did want to use the
effect when removing the row (and adding a row [highlight] for that
matter).  I tried stringing together the .remove and the
setRowFeatures but that gave me a Javascript error.

row.fade({afterFinish: function(fx){ fx.element.remove();

Is there another way to force waiting for the .remove to finish before
proceeding?  And also, can you tell why my add doesn't work in
Netscape 7 and why the Effect.Highlight doesn't show?

Thanks again for your help.

On Sep 16, 6:14 pm, "Justin Perkins" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just as I thought, you are calling your function setRowFeatures
> immediately instead of waiting until the row is removed. Due to
> implementation problems in browsers like IE, I really recommend
> against using effects on table elements.
> Take these 2 lines of code:
> row.fade(); //{afterFinish: function(fx){ fx.element.remove()}});
> setRowFeatures();
> And change them to:
> row.remove();
> setRowFeatures();
> If you insist on using an effect to remove the row, you need to wait
> until the effect has completed before you process the rows.
> -justin
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