Hey Prototypers,

I've posted a few days ago a reply in the Prototype blog about
reviving the Prototype Community, and I stand by my words. I've
started to code a new community platform for us all, as a one stop
shop for everything Prototype related, from Wiki, to links, plug-ins,
code, extensions... etc. and I would love to start a section called
the Prototype Challenge, which will have user requests for plug-in
recodes or ported from other libraries. Prototype rocks, and we need
to help the core team in expanding the image of Prototype in the
javascript world out there. I've spoken to Christophe and Andew a
little in the Ajax Experience, and I felt that what the core teams
needs to see if action and not just vague promises, as so many
attempts were made and slowly disappeared.

More on this soon...

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