On Oct 7, 10:18 am, "Ryan Gahl" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Awe, come on TJ :)
> While I can see how his post is somewhat of a self promotion, I think he
> means well. And, I think this sort of rallying is relevant to the OP's topic
> (i.e. where might a prototype wiki live?).
> Not meaning to propagate an argument around that question... just trying to
> diffuse what I think could otherwise be construed as unjust harshness from
> you TJ (I apologize profusely to you sir, for I know that's not how you
> meant it to come off). Shadow means well, and Shadow, TJ also means well --
> the important thing here is the community rallying and action being taken.
> Shadow, your project sounds interesting, and you'd be served well I think to
> get in touch with kangax and his guys at scripteka for a possible
> collaboration.
> Yay community!

That's a community spirit, Ryan!
Actually WhiteShadow lives in New York (if it's the same person we
spoke to at TAE) so it shouldn't be hard for us to meet and do
whatever needs to be done.

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