2008/11/6 T.J. Crowder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> So you might consider event delegation instead.  Put your click
> handler on the dticketlist element, and you don't have to do
> *anything* to hook up the individual ticket items:  Events bubble up
> the DOM tree, and so a click on the ticket will also show up as a
> click on the dticketlist div.  In an event handler, Prototype ensures
> that 'this' is set to the element you set the handler on, but the
> Event.element() very handily references the element that was clicked.

We have success! Hurrah \o/

This is actually really interesting, I hadn't realised that you could
assign the 'click' to the holding div and it would be applied to the
elements below it.

> With the click handler on dticketlist, your PeriodicalUpdater gets
> simpler:
> new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater('dticketlist','data/
> fetchliveticketview.php',{
>    frequency:300,
>    decay:2
> });
> ...and your handler code looks something like this:
> function ticketClicked(evt)
> {
>    var elm;
>    var id;
>    elm = evt.element();
>    if (elm && elm.hasClassName('clickinc'))
>    {
>        // It's one of our list items
>        id = elm.id || '(no id)';
>        $('dmain').update('Ticket #' + id + ' clicked');
>    }
> }

Thanks for this T.J. It's quite fundamental to a number of parts of
what I'm working on so I'm pleased to have found a solution and learnt
some new tips and tricks along the way.

Thanks also to Alex for his help and perseverance, and to Walter too.

James Hoddinott

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